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Wednesday, 25 March 2015 18:11

Sharing your story

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The BLOG section of our website is dedicated to user member stories. You can share your story, or a story of a family member or friend who is a survivor or has had some involvement with a person who has experienced SJS. To share your story, you will have to be a registered member on our site. Upon registration, your details will be reviewed and a confirmation sent to you before you can share your story on the website. You need to be logged in with your account details before you can share your story. Once logged in use the 'share my story' option, which will open another window for you to write your story. Note the option 'share my story' will not be available unless you're logged into your account as an approved member. When you share your story you will be asked whether you want your story to be public or not, this question is mandatory and will have to be selected prior to saving your story. When you have completed, your story will not automatically appear on the website, it will be reviewed by the site administrator(s) and then approved to show on the front page of the website. When approved, this will show on the BLOG. The attached image shows the different aspects of the window used to share your story.

Additional Info

  • Make my story public: Yes
  • Make my story available to members only: No
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