Tuesday, 25 August 2015 13:09

Colette runs the Brighton marathon 2015 for SJS

Colette Ansell, the mother of an SJS survivor who is passionate about raising funds to support the awareness of this rare and complex condition, took on the challenge to participate in the 2015 Brighton Marathon.

She says “I managed to complete the marathon in a time of 4 hours 45 minutes, it was a very hot day, and had a bit of sun burn, but nothing quite prepared me for the support of the crowds to spur me on. When the going got tough, I remembered exactly why I was doing this marathon - for my daughter and to raise awareness for SJS. I raised a total of £1,261.57 which was way more than I ever imagined, the generosity of so many people, some who didn't even know my daughter was immense.” Well done, and we are grateful for your contribution to the work of SJS Awareness UK.

Natasha Holman decided to run for a good cause and chose SJS Awareness UK as her charity. She raised £380 in less than a month from doing a sponsored 10K run whilst raising awareness of SJS/TEN. We are very encouraged by your perseverance and courage. Well done!

Following the diagnosis of little Macey Marsh in mid 2014, some friends and well wishers of the family collectively raised funds as Team Macey and made a donation of £800 to support our work and contribution to help us meet the threshold for charity registration. Macey, being one of our young SJS survivors is said to be doing well.

Our profound gratitude to all those who have made a one off or regular monthly donations via our website and Just Giving pages in the last few months. Your contributions go a long way to help sustain our efforts in raising awareness of SJS/TEN and improving the support and services available to those affected by this condition.